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Brazil keen to boost bilateral trade ties with Pakistan, says ambassador

“The current trade volume between Pakistan and Brazil is 600 million dollars but there is much room to enhance bilateral trade. Moreover, Islam has become fast growing religion in Brazil in the recent years”, Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan Claudio Lins has expressed these views in an interview.
He said that Brazil is keen to boost bilateral trade ties with Pakistan as both countries have great potential to enhance trade in diverse fields. He stated that Pakistan is producing a number of products which were in the high demand in Brazil and stressed that Pakistani exporters should make more efforts to enhance their exports to Brazil.
In this regard, he pointed out that number of Pakistani products were going to Europe were then being resold to other countries, including Brazil at high prices. Instead, Pakistan has opportunity to exporters to focus on when promoting direct exports to achieve better results.Responding a question, he said that Brazil has great expertise in producing renewable energy since it was producing around 65% of its energy from water and was using ethanol along with bio-fuels instead of costly petroleum products. Pakistan has enormous potential for hydropower generation while it was one of the largest sugar producers in the world. Thus Brazil could cooperate with Pakistan for energy production from renewable sources including hydro and ethanol sources, he reiterated.
Furthermore, he added that Pakistan also has great potential for tourism and it should focus on improving road infrastructure and air service to its tourist resorts for attracting more tourists from around the world including Brazil.Keeping in view that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will open trade doors for Pakistan with other countries, Ambassador Claudio Lins has expressed his country’s desire to enhance trade ties. Brazil has been looking for new trade markets and Pakistan may be a good opportunity. The current volume of trade between two countries is 600 millions dollors and there is much room to enhance, he added.
“Pakistani handicrafts, carpets, fresh dry fruit, sporting equipment and other products have value in international markets and our government is willing to allow Pakistani products into Brazilian markets,” he said.
Lins said, “New regimes in Pakistan and Brazil have been sworn in while the Pakistani government has been looking to strike trade deals with the international community. Brazil is willing to invest in Pakistan.” “Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world and we have good trade and foreign relations with Pakistan,” he added. “The Brazilian government understands the need of international investment in Pakistan and Balochistan.” The ambassador lauded the visits of Pakistani trade mission to Brazil.
Source: The Nation